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This week’s note from Rev. Bill


You’ve probably noticed that one of my favorite sayings is, “Well, that’s another sermon for another day.” 

This past week I’ve been planning the worship themes between now and June 30th, and THERE’S NOT ENOUGH TIME! All of the ideas and concepts that we’ve come up with for sermons may not get done! 

I already have April planned, so I was working on May and June. In that time there is Pentecost, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Annual Conference, and General Conference. I also want to have Steve Lane and Kim speak, so a lot of those Sundays are already filled up! 

That leaves me with 4 or so Sunday themes to choose on my own – forgiveness? Grace? Transition? David and Goliath? “The Best of Rev. Bill”?

There always seems to be enough time, until there isn’t. 

It feels kind of like when our kids went off to college – when they were at home we thought we had all of the time in the world! But then the day comes when they pack up their car and drive off, and you wonder, “Did I give them enough? Do they have enough self-esteem? Do they know how to change a tire? Are they prepared for whatever the big bad world is going to throw at them?”

Have I given you enough? Do you know that you are loved and worthwhile? Does everyone understand that they are a vital part of God’s plan here in Bonita? Are we more willing to listen instead of judge? Do we slow down to look around and see those whom other people/churches miss? 

There comes a point when I have to give it up to God and say, “I pray that You can use what I’ve done to continue to bless these people. May something I have said or done given them the confidence to go farther in their walk with You.”

Okay – we still have a few more Sundays together. Let’s have some fun and celebrate the time that God has given us!

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