Our Story

Making a Difference in Bonita Springs and the World

In the early 1900’s in a town called Survey, a group of Believers felt a nudge from God to start Sunday school class. There were no churches in the area at that time, so they met in the old school house and called themselves “The Union Sunday School”.

As they grew in love and compassion, they also grew in number! In 1916 the group asked the Florida Conference of the Methodist Church to charter them as a church. The charter was granted in 1921, and they called themselves Lee Memorial Methodist Church, honoring the father of one of the original members.

In 1971 the name of the church was changed to First United Methodist Church of Bonita Springs, reflecting both the name change of the community (from Survey to Bonita) and the fact that this was the first church established in the area.

This church continues the mission started in the 1900’s – to help people find hope and healing through Jesus Christ. Our vision is that this piece of God’s property on 27690 Shriver Avenue becomes a beacon of grace, drawing people who want to understand themselves and their faith better.

Our goal is to become a “sanctuary” – a safe place where people can ask the questions that they can’t ask anywhere else, where you will be loved for who you are.

You are welcome here.