connecting at first united

Welcome and thank you for visiting our website. We are excited about our commitment to ministry here at First United Methodist Church of Bonita Springs. It goes to the heart of our belief in Jesus Christ and what we are called to do as His disciples.

Ministry is divided into four major categories depending on certain calls to action as a church on a mission toward God. We also have a section where we identify ministries that are age appropriate.

Please explore and see how your life can fit into these ministries as we serve our community, the world and each other.


Reach Ministries

Reach ministries are those ministries of First United that endeavor to engage and invite unchurched or seeking people in our community to experience the love of Jesus through the body of Christ. These are our “welcome mat” outreach events and ministries. Most are held to engage/serve the hearts and minds of our neighbors to consider the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Here are some ways you can get involved and make a difference.

  • Adopted Families
  • Winterfest
  • Shoes for the Soul
  • Food Ministry
  • Baby Jesus Shower
  • Feed the Children Summer Program
  • Cafe of Life
  • LOVE Inc.
  • St. Matthews’s House
  • Trunk or Treat


Connect Ministries

Connect ministries are those ministries of First United that help people connect to Jesus and the First United family. These ministries and events seek to create an environment where people can build genuine, authentic relationships. Some connect ministries are small groups that meet at church, restaurants, businesses and homes while others are events built around common interests.

  • Congregational Care Team
  • Worship at Imperial & Emeritus
  • Hospitality Ministry
  • Fellowship Ministry
  • Ash Wednesday One-On-One Prayer Service
  • Shut-In Visitation
  • All Church Picnics
  • Jesus is the Bread of Life – Friendship Bread


Form Ministries

Form ministries are those ministries of First United that seek to help Christ-followers who call First United their spiritual home have a growing and transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Following Jesus is a lifelong adventure in which one needs mentoring and instruction. Form ministries are spiritual retreats, classes, relationships and experiences that foster spiritual growth.

  • Daily Bible Study and Journaling
  • A Disciples’s Path Study
  • Sunday School For All Ages
  • Walk to Emmaus
  • Willow Creek Summit
  • Real Ideas Conference
  • Small Groups
  • Bible Studies
  • Thrive Conference
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment


Send Ministries

Send ministries are those ministries of First United that release God’s people to make the realities of heaven the realities of earth.

These ministries move followers of Jesus who call First United their spiritual home from the seats to the streets to declare and display the amazing grace of God.

  • Cafe’ of Life
  • LOVE Inc.
  • St. Matthew’s House
  • Harvest Time Ministries
  • Adopted Families
  • Worship at Imperial & Emeritus


Age Level Ministries

At First United, we believe that kids play an important role in making our vision a reality.

Our ministries for children and youth focus on reaching kids at their level, and connecting them in authentic relationships with other Christ following kids and adults.

  • Nursery Care
  • Super Kids Club
  • Scouting for Boys and Girls