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This week’s note from Rev. Bill

To Be That Comfortable….

Our cat, Lucy, has a way of getting comfortable IMMEDIATELY when she lies or sits down. Not much adjusting or fussing, just getting into her position and staying there! Meanwhile, I’m readjusting pillows, straightening the bedsheets, making sure everything is in the right place, wondering if I locked the front door – all of the things that we do that keep us awake at night!


Why can’t we just get COMFORTABLE?!? Why does it take us so long? 


I remember a Peanuts cartoon from years ago when Charlie Brown and Peppermint Patty are talking – she asks, “What’s security, Chuck?”


Charlie Brown replies, “Security is coming home from your grandparent’s, and you’re in the back seat of the car. Mom and Dad are up front driving and watching out for things, and you fall asleep in the back, knowing that they’re taking care of everything.”


Peppermint Patty says, “That’s beautiful, Chuck!”


But Charlie Brown goes on – “But it doesn’t last! One day YOU’RE in the front seat, and your kids are in the back! And YOU have to be the one paying attention to everything, worrying about everything, and it can never go back to the way it used to be again!”


I wonder if that’s why Lucy is so easily able to get comfortable – what does she have to worry about?!? She gets her food, her water, her litter box changed, her scratches behind the ears – what a life!


But then what do I have to worry about? Do I trust that God is in the front seat, watching out for all of the potholes ahead and keeping me safe? There may be a few bumps along the way – but do I trust that God is leading me on the smoothest path possible? 


Lucy has been with us for 15 years. In that time she has learned that we are not going to hurt her, abuse her, or “mess with her mojo”! She knows that if we DO wake her up from her sleep, it’s going to be for something good that she’s going to like! 


So she trusts us. She is absolutely secure that, whatever happens while Kim and I are around, she’s going to be okay. 


I envy Lucy. I wish that I could hold on to that type of trust! I know that God is watching over me and wants the best for me, but I still let my fears and anxieties get the best of me sometimes and have a hard time sleeping. 


May you find your comfortable spot – on the blanket, in the sun, near the people you love – and be able to sleep peacefully.


  • Rev. Bill
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