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This week’s note from Rev. Bill: ATTITUDE, AND ALTITUDE

 Years ago, when Kim and I were traveling to the Holy Land, I noticed something strange about the way the plane was flying – 

             The nose was pointing up, and it was higher than the tail!

             What I found out was that, at sunset, the Orthodox Jews would go towards the rear of the plane (closest to the sunset) and pray. Since there were so many of them on that flight, the pilot had to angle the plane upwards and increase the throttle to compensate for the weight shift towards the back!

             This is called the “attitude” of the plane – the angle at which the nose is pointed. The phrase, in aeronautical language, is “Your attitude determines your altitude.”

             How far does that saying go? If I start out my day, worrying about a meeting or anticipating bad news, does that affect the rest of my day? If I keep my face pointing towards the ground, am I likely to miss blessings that God wants to bestow upon me?

             What about in politics or business? If either side goes into negotiations believing that the other side is completely wrong and that they will never budge, are those meetings going to be successful? 

             What about in church? How different will my day be if I pray and ask God to use me, as opposed to never thinking about God all day?

             As we come to Thanksgiving, let’s not just make it one day of giving thanks! Change your attitude! Expect God to do something amazing! Start looking for it! Ask God if you can help! 

             You will be amazed at the altitudes that you will reach!

  • Rev. Bill

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