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This week’s note from Rev. Bill: FOR ALL THE SAINTS

This coming Sunday we will be celebrating All Saints’ Day, remembering those of our church family who have gone on to be with our Lord in glory!


             We say “celebrate” because it is a celebration – their homecoming to be with our Lord forever, and our gratitude for knowing them on this earth. This doesn’t mean that we ignore the sadness. It is natural to feel sad that we will not see them again this side of eternity. But we do not grieve as the world grieves. We have faith that this world is not all there is, and that there will come a time when all things will be made new. 


             This Sunday we will ring a bell for Kay Brandon, Delores Gaylord, and Mary Lou MacBride. We will take time in silence to remember and thank God for their witness in our lives. We will pray a prayer of gratitude. And I always ask myself, “Who will remember me when a bell is rung in my name? What will they remember?”


             What we do now determines our legacy. It’s not enough just to hope that people will think that we were nice people. What you do today is what people will remember tomorrow. Whom you forgive today will be a part of your heritage. Whom you slander today will speak of you then. Whom you show grace to will carry on your name. 


             What is your heritage, and mine? We stand here in Bonita because, 100 years ago, people wanted to share God’s love with others. I am grateful for those saints. And now, it’s your turn and my turn to be one of those saints that they will talk about 100 years from now. To God be all of the glory!


  • Rev. Bill

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