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Weekly Message From Pastor Bill – VIEW FROM THE PYRAMIDS!

 It has been a whirlwind tour so far – landing in Athens, sailing to Israel and Palestine, then on to Egypt! Tonight we are heading to Corinth and Ephesus, and we will end up in Athens again before our flight home!

             Yes, Kim and I got to see the pyramids! They are still there, 4500 years later. A little worse for wear – the limestone coating has worn off of all but the middle one through centuries of sandstorms, rain, and looting. But they still stand – taller than you can imagine. 

             The surprises? They are RIGHT on the edge of the city of Cairo! They would probably be surrounded by the city if there weren’t archeological laws to prevent such a thing! 

             There are also LOTS of dogs in the area. One of them was climbing up the main pyramid (which we as tourists weren’t allowed to do). And you are surrounded by sand, since this is the Sahara desert. 

             And there are camels and horses – evidently all of them are owned by a Bedouin family that lives nearby, and every day they bring their camels and horses out for the tourists to ride. (No, I didn’t ride one. I’ve done that before!)

             Here’s the most interesting thing: there are four major Bible personalities that are associated with Egypt, and all of them would have seen the pyramids!

  • Abraham. They could have been around 500 years old when he was there. 
  • Joseph. Possibly 700 years old. 
  • Moses. 1000 years old.
  • Jesus (Joseph and Mary fled there when He was a baby) – 2500 years old. 

And now, Kim and me – 4500 years after they were built! We’re a part of history!

We look forward to being back with you soon – know that we will have more stories to share and more STUFF to give you!

In pilgrim journey wanderings,

  • Rev. Bill

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