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New Sermon Series: “The Ten Commandments”

 Several years ago I decided to do a Worship Series on the Ten Commandments – I had never done one before, but I thought that I knew how it would go. 

             How wrong I was! When I got into the commandments themselves, I found that what I THOUGHT they meant and what they REALLY meant were vastly different! I came away with a new respect for the Ten Commandments, and how difficult they truly are to follow!

             It seems that a lot of people want to QUOTE the Ten Commandments and post them in courthouses and in the schools, but when it comes to living by them – that’s a totally different matter. They are more intense than most people think. To tell the truth, I would propose that we post the Beatitudes instead. The words of Jesus on how to live and love each other can create focus on the heart of the issue – our hearts. And when we look at the Ten Commandments, we are also going to find that their original intent was to change people’s HEARTS, not BEHAVIOR.

             I ask you to pray for me (and for all of us) as we delve into the historic commands. May our Lord give us wisdom to understand, courage to act, and hearts that are willing to follow!

  • Rev. Bill
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