There are many events in life that we prepare for months, sometimes years, in advance. Students all around the world are testing and hoping for letters of acceptance from universities
I spent two summers at a Presbyterian camp (Presbytery Point in Northern Michigan) as their adventure program coordinator. While there I led hikes, canoe trips, backpacking trips, and taught survival
Love is redefined in Jesus, and interpreted to the world through the followers of Jesus. One of the most famous parts of the New Testament is found in First Corinthians
I recently watched a movie in which the writer put the characters into a situation where they were helpless. Nothing they did could free them from their predicament. Because the
Not long ago my wife discovered glasses for people who are color blind. She is not color blind, nor is anyone in our family, but she was amazed at the
Recently I preached a sermon from Matthew 2:1-12, which is the story of the wise men seeking the child born “King of the Jews”. As I researched this passage and
I’m not one for “New Year’s Resolutions”. 1) I’m forgetful, especially if it’s something I should do but really don’t want to do. 2) Why wait until January 1st to
There was a practice in the years following the legalization of Christianity in the Roman Emperor of waiting on baptism. This wasn’t the sort of “waiting” you’ll find today where
Recently I was on Facebook reading posts and decided to comment on one. I commented in agreement with the original post, and yet seconds after my comment someone criticized me
“The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:9   Not long ago my children received a piece of mail that I wish had