I’m stuck, and I doubt I’m the only one. I’ve been reading Brené Brown’s book Dare to Lead with my leadership team over the last several months. It’s full of
Palm Sunday is the day in the Christian calendar when the Church celebrates Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem. In Churches all around the world children and adults wave palm branches, shout
I’m reading Bren Brown’s book Dare to Lead these days. One part of the book challenges us to examine our values. She refers to Jim Collins’ work saying that if you
As a child of the 80s I grew up watching the TV show Thundercats. In that show there was a special sword called the Sword of Omens and it gave
You don’t get to pick your relatives. It’s a fact of life. This means that some will be more like us than different, and vice versa. This is why the
Recently I had a conversation with a man who spent several years after college being the “Artist in Residence” in a few different places. He showed me some of his
I’ve been reading Peter Block’s book Community: The Structure of Belonging for what feels like an eternity but has, in reality, only been a couple of months. It’s a great
Just a few days ago the numbers changed on the calendar again. 2018 has gone, and 2019 has come. Many people in America take this time to set new goals,
Recently I shared an article on my personal Facebook page that touched a few political heartstrings. Some it made harmony with, others experienced a bit of discord with the contents
When I was beginning in ministry I made a collage with words and pictures that connected with the guided meditation I was participating in. One of the words I included