Recently I was leaving the local grocery store as a cheery, red-aproned Salvation Army bell-ringer greeted me with a hearty “Merry Christmas!”  I wanted to shout at this perfectly innocent
Once there was a wise Cherokee man who sat with his grandson on a fall evening. The wizened elder turned to the young boy and said, “My son,within us all
Recently I shared an article on my personal Facebook page that touched a few political heartstrings. Some it made harmony with, others experienced a bit of discord with the contents
When I was beginning in ministry I made a collage with words and pictures that connected with the guided meditation I was participating in. One of the words I included
In the stories about Jesus (Christians call them “Gospels”) there is a scene where Jesus is walking with his disciples. He’s been traveling around Galilee (in the northern part of
Now you’ve got a Bible, and you’ve thought about starting to read it. Maybe you’ve even opened it up and been overwhelmed by all the names, places, and sheer volume
Reading the Bible is a daunting task, and yet it is one that task is one each of us is more than able to meet. In my last post I
Let’s face it, the Bible is not something that is easy to read. It’s a collection of written documents that span at the least 2000 years (probably more). It was
A simple question that has become a famous one, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” Fred Rogers, an ordained minister who was disturbed about the way television was portrayed for children
As long as I can remember I’ve loved music. My parents didn’t always agree with my definition of “music”, but that’s how parents are supposed to respond when they hear