May 12, 2023 Message From Rev. Bill

The 5K that Ed and I are joining for Annual Conference is 3.1 miles, so I’m pleased to announce that I can now run 3 miles without having to stop! It took me 41 minutes, so the next step is to start improving my time!

What motivates you to keep going? 

I want to raise money for the two projects that will be the focus of the Conference (the Geraldine McClellan scholarship and renovating our Camps), but there are other motivations, too. I have found that, when I weigh above a certain weight, I have more acid reflux and sleeping problems. But when I am under that weight, I seem to do better.

I have also found that my blood pressure is at good levels after I have run. I like the feeling of having finished the course, and relaxing afterwards. 

But I also have to admit that there’s a certain amount of pride (Good? Bad?) at still being able to complete the journey. Maybe my nose gets a little out of joint when I think of people my age who AREN’T able to do this!

So we all deal with a mixed bag of motives. When we are honest with ourselves, we have to admit that we are rarely ever completely pure in what drives us. Success, pride, integrity, one-upmanship – these are all tangled together within our souls. 

I would like to think that I am pure in everything, but the reality is that even my best intentions can be tainted. Does that mean that I hold and don’t do anything until all of my motives are completely pure?

Of course not! If we waited until that moment, nothing would ever get done! 

The miracle of our faith is that God can take whatever we give Him and make something beautiful out of it. I may preach out of pride or liking to hear myself talk or trying to impress someone; God can use that sermon to heal somebody’s life. 

Strive for noble purposes, and constantly evaluate yourself. But don’t beat yourself up if you find that you still have ulterior motives. Humble yourself before God, and ask Him to let you try again. 

-Rev. Bill

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