April 14, 2023 Message From Rev. Bill

More fishing stories:

         I was looking through my phone the other day at the pictures I have taken over the past year. It seems that at least half of them are of fish that I have caught!

         I have never thought of myself as a particularly successful fisherman. I would like to catch at least one fish every time I go, but sometimes I am completely shut out.

         I have an app that I started using which gives me the opportunity to record my catches – time, date, size of the fish, and what gear I used. In digging deeper this app told me that my average “catch per outing” was 2.2! I was doing better than I thought!

         Have you ever felt as if you are just not making a difference? There may be someone you have been praying for, or a situation that has been frustrating you, or something that you feel that you just keep failing at.

         Sometimes we need to take a step back and review what we’ve been doing – an honest review, not just letting our emotions overwhelm us. I have probably caught more fish in the past year than I ever have before in my life, mainly because I haven’t given up! It seems that I catch more fish out on the lake trying than I do sitting at home feeling sorry for myself!

         Every day, you are making a difference for someone. You may not see it now, but someone somewhere is being influenced by your presence. And one day, up in heaven, Jesus is going to pull out his “spiritual fishing app” and show you just how successful you have been!

         Keep on casting!

  • Rev. Bill

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