February 24, 2023 Message From Rev. Bill

You have probably heard that a number of former United Methodist churches are voting to “disaffiliate” – to no longer be a part of our system. Some of you have asked me if we’re going to have such a vote – whether to stay in the denomination or to leave. 

My answer is, there is no requirement to vote. It’s not necessary. In fact, the only purpose FOR a vote is to try to leave United Methodism!

Think of it like this – do you sit down with your spouse every year on your anniversary and vote on whether you want to stay married or not? Of course not! You made a commitment, a covenant before God to love and support each other until “death do you part”! That covenant is still in effect, and doesn’t have to be voted on!

The only reason to have a vote is because someone wants to break the covenant. I have no desire to leave the United Methodist Church, and no one here has come to me to suggest that we break away. I am glad to be a part of a denomination that is trying to include more people into the arms of God’s loving embrace. 

We are here to invite people to find hope and healing through Jesus Christ. We are here to find our own healing in Jesus. The tenants of United Methodism are still the same – 

“Do all the good you can, 

by all the means you can, 

in all the places you can, 

at all the times you can, 

to all the people you can, 

as long as ever you can!” (John Wesley)

Yes, we are staying United Methodist. Please be in prayer for those churches which are disaffiliating, that they would be able to continue ministering to the least, the last and the lost; and be in prayer for those who don’t want to leave, that they would find a church home where they will be able to continue in their faith. 

  • Rev. Bill

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