January 20, 2023 Message From Rev. Bill

What’s Going On Around Church

             Well, both good and bad happened this past week. On the good side, YesuKan and New Horizons have both started back up. The internet issues seem to be getting resolved. We have had some more volunteers in the A/V team. The Monthly breakfasts are getting planned. Our Creative Worship Team is making plans for Lent!

             On the bad side, we still have termites in a couple of buildings at the church. Insurance claims are taking a while. And Elizabeth, our new Office Manager, has decided to resign!

             Joys and frustrations, steps forwards and steps back – what do we do? It’s easy to praise God when things are going well. Are we just as faithful to praise God’s Name when things take a turn for the worse?

             Praising God only when things are good isn’t really praise; it’s just telling God that we’re happy that things went our way. The test of faith comes when we choose to remain faithful even though our senses try to tell us otherwise. 

             Have you ever been in a plane on the ground on a grey, sloppy day? You’re still chilled because of getting wet on your way to the plane; you see your luggage getting soaked as they load it into the underbelly of the aircraft; everything seems dreary and miserable. 

             And yet not two minutes after the plane takes off, you suddenly burst into clear skies and see sunlight all around you! The wind blows the last remnants of raindrops off the window, and you are blinded by the brilliance of the sun. 

             The sun still exists, even when we can’t see it. God still loves us, even if we feel abandoned or empty. Faith keeps on walking, believing that we will get through this eventually. 

             We are going to need some more help in the office. If you have a background in finances and/or office management, we need you! We would like to hire someone to work with our church soon, but that may take a bit. And who knows? God may have already provided someone who has the skills (and the time!) that we need in our congregation! 

             We are grateful for those who already stepped up to help around the church – fixing broken fountains, tutoring the kids at YesuKan, setting up tables and food at Meals of Hope, running sound and video and computer on Sunday morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you! God is good, and we trust God to provide more workers so that His will is done!

  • Rev. Bill

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