January 6, 2023 Message From Rev. Bill

What will 2023 hold for us? Are we going to grow? 

Usually around this time of year people make “New Year’s Resolutions”, about things that they wish were different in their lives. But come two or three weeks later, many of those things have gone by the wayside. Just wanting things to change isn’t enough; we have to actually make a plan, accept the consequences, and follow that plan in order for things be different!

If I want to lower my resting heart rate, I can’t just hope it happens. I have to actually exercise. I have to eat better. I have to get enough sleep. Without those actions, my heart rate won’t change! 

If we want to see our church grow, we have to start by recognizing what needs to be done, and what may be getting in the way. Are our facilities and grounds clean and attractive? Do we have an inviting nursery? Are there ways for young people and new people to be involved? 

Right now the United Methodist Church is going through some changes, and we have to be ready for that. If some of our sister churches decide to break away and go a different direction, are we interested in receiving members who still want to stay United Methodist? What if they sit in our pews? What if they take our parking spots? What if they mess up our kitchen?!?

I continue to pray that God would use our church to bring hope and healing to His broken and lost people. I ask that people would be drawn to this property, that they would feel a sense of peace and love and acceptance here. I pray that God would use us to let people know that they are welcome and loved. 

What will 2023 hold for us? That all depends upon how willing we are to “Seek first the Kingdom of God, and His righteousness. Then all of these other things will be ours as well”!

  • Rev. Bill

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