December 30 Message From Rev. Bill : Sunday – Special Service for the New Year!

This Sunday we will be sharing our experiences of being God’s hands and feet, and then offering to God our hopes and our frustrations!

For those in the sanctuary, you will have a chance to share how you gave Jesus a “birthday gift by serving others over the past week. If you are online, please email Rev. Bill ( with your stories. 

After that, we will have a “burning service”, which is a Christian tradition kind of like New Year’s resolutions. On one side of a piece of paper you can write something that frustrated you in 2022, and on the other side you can write something you are anticipating joyfully for 2023. Then we will take those pieces of paper and offer them to God, burning them in a special container that we will have outside.  

The ashes we will save for Ash Wednesday, for our service then. And those of you at home can bring your paper by the church office if you would like for us to burn them later in the week. 

I am anticipating a wonderful year for us, so let’s start it out right!

 – Rev. Bill

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