December 2 Message From Rev. Bill

It is Thursday morning here, but it’s Wednesday night for you! (Or whatever time you read this, add 7 hours and that’s where we’ll be!)

This morning we woke up to sunrise on the Sea of Galilee. We plan on reaffirming our baptisms at the Jordon River, visiting Jesus’ “home office” (Peter’s house) in Capernaum, taking a boat ride on the Galilee itself, and viewing a 2000-year-old boat that has been discovered from Jesus’ time!

It is strange to think that we are ahead of you, time-wise. I called my kids as we woke up, and they were just getting ready for bed. We talked about their plans -everyday, mundane stuff, while Kim and I and the group have these things ahead of us. We’re living in a new day in the old country, and they were ending yesterday!

I suppose this is a little bit like our faith – we constantly live between two worlds. There is the everyday, business-as-usual world of job and family responsibilities and worldly expectations – and then there’s the world of hope and faith and expectation. One can fill us with drudgery; the other lifts up our eyes and our spirits to something more than just what we see. 

The goal, I guess, is to keep both in tension with each other. If we focus too much on this world, we end up in materialism. If we spend too much time pining for heaven, we miss out the joys that God has for us in this world. What we do in this world has eternal significance, and our hope for the future helps us to keep things in perspective. 

We are having a great time here, but our hearts are back home! (Both for this trip, and for our hope in heaven!) May your week be filled with grace!

  • Rev. Bill and Kim

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