October 14 Message From Rev. Bill

How do you say “Good-bye”?

Jamail Aikens has been a part of the church for 3 years now, and will be leaving on Saturday to return to his friends and family in Michigan. At our reception for him on Thursday, there were many people sharing about what his influence and ministry have meant to them. 

Some of the sentiments – 

  • “He was always so patient.”
  • “Jamail never got rattled.”
  • “I could always count on him.”
  • “He prayed with me when I needed it.”
  • “He was hired for one job, and ended up doing a whole lot more!”
  • “We can never replace him.”

Yes, Jamail had a ministry here. He may not have had “Rev.” in front of his name or a seminary degree, but Jamail exemplified what a “minister” is, according to the New Testament. 

The word most often used is “diakanos”, which is also the same word used for a waiter at a restaurant! A minister is, first a foremost, a SERVANT. The servant carries out his master’s commands, and does not look for praise for doing it. The servant wants to be a good reflection of his or her master. 

We can say that Jamail Aiken certainly fits this description. True ministers are those who are humble, long-suffering, not looking for ego or power, who want to be of help to those around them. So you don’t have to study to be a minister – just serve!

We will miss Jamail, but we know that God would not be taking him if there wasn’t more ministry that he could do up north. And we also trust that, when we release Jamail to God, God will be able to bless us with someone new. 

Not the same – not a clone, not a copy, not a replica – but a new minister who will come here and serve us. 

Thank You, Lord, for finding us worthy to be in Your service. 

  • Rev. Bill

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