September 9 Message From Rev. Bill “We Won!!!”

This past week Kim and I traveled up to Orlando because our son got us tickets to the Open Cup Finals, the Orlando City Football Club (soccer) vs. Sacramento. (And yes, we also stopped in to see the grandchildren!)

It was a long, hard game! No score until the 75th minute – it was agonizing! But when Orlando City finally scored, the crowd went wild!

Then we scored again, and then one more time! And WE WON!!!

Wait a minute – what is it with this “We won” stuff? I wasn’t on the field! I didn’t score any goals! Yes, I was in the stands, but I was just a spectator! My presence didn’t necessarily help the team one way or the other!

Isn’t it interesting how we say “we” a lot? At the stadium, in our homes watching the game, in church – why do we say “we”? It’s not like we’re actively participating; or are we?

There is something to be said for support. Not everyone can get up and preach; not everyone can sing or play an instrument. But there is a sense of community that arises from being a part of something. Your presence makes a difference.

How would the game have gone if it was an empty stadium? There were over 25,000 fans – it would have been awfully quiet without them! And how about on Sunday morning, or during Wednesday prayers? What would it be like if I was just speaking to an empty room, or there was only one person in the prayer circle?

Being present with people – when they have lost a loved one, when they are going through a hard time, when they are participating in a sport and you’re just sitting on the benches – it still means a lot. Your love, support, and encouragement do make a difference.

Part of my goal for ministry here is that everyone finds their own place of ministry – that you find where you can make the most impact. Sometimes that will mean sitting in the congregation, participating with the group. Sometimes that will mean being out with the food distribution, or sitting with a class learning English. Sometimes it might be in a back room, balancing the figures. But it is all US – WE do this together!


-Rev. Bill

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