August 14 Message From Rev. Bill

I have had a lot of calls and ads recently about “Updating my car warranty/Buying Solar/Extending my Medicare Coverage!”

You may remember one of the first sermons I preached when Kim and I moved here was on “10/10/3” – and the first part of that was “Anyone who comes within 10 feet of you, consider that God put them there.” (Do you remember what the other 10 and 3 are?!)

So I have made it a point to treat telemarketing salespersons as “within my 10 feet”. Usually as they get started I stop them and ask, “Before we get started, can I pray for you?”

I get quite a variety of reactions – some are confused; some are rude; and some are taken aback and appreciate the effort! Lately the “Medicare Coverage” people have been at a total loss (maybe because I broke their concentration from their script?) I try to be polite but firm on how I would like to pray for them before they continue with their spiel. It has been interesting – and I hope that God can use that little nudge to wake them up to His grace.

Some have said that I am being rude to them and wasting their time – but who is calling whom? I didn’t interrupt their day; they called me! And as I said, I try not to be rude or a time-waster; I just want to know how to pray for them. I take their concerns and the prayers seriously (those who actually let me talk with them). And while they may ask that “I get a lot of money,” I usually tailor the prayers with “Give them what they need in order to serve You well.”

Is this effective or not? We may never know, this side of eternity. I would like to think that God can use whatever we give Him to help touch somebody’s life. (Remember, nothing given to God is ever wasted!)

Occasionally I ask them to take me off their calling list, too – but somehow more keep finding my number and ringing me up. Is it God prompting them so that they will be asked for prayer? Who knows? In the meantime, I will keep an eye on my warranty/electric bill/Medicare (I’m not old enough yet!) and do the best I can.

-Rev. Bill

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