July 8 Message From Rev. Bill: “GOD SIGHTINGS”

For those of you who have been involved with our Church Leadership meetings over the past couple of years, you may have heard the term “God Sightings”. Usually we talk about something good that has happened to us or has made us happy. Sometimes there is dead silence when the question is asked – does that mean that nobody has experienced God in the past month?!?

I think part of the problem is that we really don’t know how we’re supposed to respond, and sometimes there are times when we really do feel that God has been absent. (This is not a judgement upon anybody – even Jesus felt like this at times!)

So where did the term come from? What is it supposed to mean? What are we supposed to do when someone asks us where we have seen God in our lives?

I think one of the best definitions I have come across is from Child Evangelism Fellowship. Since it is focused on children, it tries to make things as simple as possible. Their definition of a “God sighting” is

Something that reminds you of God’s character. (Sept. 23, 2021)

That’s a very easy, tangible way to understand it. It doesn’t have to mean a miracle of some sort or a supernatural encounter; it is looking for (and expecting to see!) God everyday in the world around us.

God sightings remind me that, even though I may not always be paying attention to Him, God is paying attention to me. When I slow down, stop, take a breath, and observe the world around me, I notice God’s presence.

It’s not that God “shows up”; God has been here long before we arrived and will still be here long after we have gone! But in this time, in this moment, we ourselves can come in contact with the Eternal Lover of our Souls, and experience a little bit of heaven while still on earth.

I wonder if God has “Bill sightings” or “Debbie sightings” or “Julie sightings” – times when we show up in His life?

I wonder what I can do to give Him more of them?

-Rev. Bill

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