April 1 Message From Rev. Bill

I had an interesting experience the other day with the Meals of Hope ministry that meets on our church on Wednesdays –

Last week I asked if they would mind if I went down the line of cars and asked the clients if they wanted prayer. Meals of Hope had no problem with it, so I spent a few minutes at each car (or with those who walked there, standing in line!) and got to know them a little bit.
There were no startling revelations or immediate conversions that day, but I did make quite a few people smile. I told them (quite often in my broken Spanish!) that I would try to be there each week to check in with them.

This past week I was busy with some things in the office and realized that I had missed the majority of the people that day. When I did get out there were only a few cars in line, but the second one immediately called me over and asked if he could meet with me. He told me later, “I was so hoping that you would be here today!”

Such a simple thing – just going up and taking an interest in someone’s life. God touched this man’s heart last week so much that he was anticipating seeing me again 7 days later! And to think that I almost didn’t go out because I thought that they would be all done!

Never underestimate what God can do with just a small seed, planted in faith. The scriptures tell us to “cast your bread out upon the waters, and in many days it will return to you.” (Ecclesiastes 11:1) We won’t always know this side of eternity what kind of impact we are making, but go out and do it in faith anyway!
Remember – nothing given to God is ever wasted.

   – Rev. Bill

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