January 28 Message From Rev. Bill

Dear Family of First UMC, Bonita,

Well, it has happened. Kim and I tested positive for COVID last week. We had been trying to be careful, but somehow it snuck in and bit us!

Not to worry – we have had mainly minor symptoms, since we have been vaccinated and boosted. And we were not around any of our church people when it happened, as far as we can tell!
But it has been annoying. We felt lazy and sluggish for a day or two, then we began to feel better. Just congestion and coughing – nothing too bad. But we had to miss our grandson’s second birthday! (Boo!)
But we have been working around the house – emptying boxes, building bookshelves, asking ourselves, “Why did we keep THIS?!” We have quite a few boxes of things to give away!

I’ll tell you what we HAVE missed – being with you! We are very sorry that we were not able to worship with you in person last week, but we are grateful to Steve and the rest of the team for pulling everything together.

For the next two weeks your Leadership Team and I have decided that we need to limit our exposure to each other, so we will be worshiping ONLINE ONLY for January 30th and February 6. By that time Kim and I should be clear, and hopefully the current Omicron peak will have passed. I will still have a message for you and we will still have music, prayers, and scripture. (But you will have to provide your own communion!)

I will also be starting an online Bible study for those who would like to have a preview of the message for Sunday – the details will be listed in an article below.

Thank you all for your prayers and your support, and remember – none of this is a surprise to Jesus!

In Christ, – Rev. Bill

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