December 24 Message From Pastor Jason

The day has finally come and now it is time to celebrate the newborn king. We are actively preparing for a wonderful candlelit service tonight at 6pm. Hope you all can bring a friend or family members and join us. There will be lots of singing and praising during this wonderful celebration. There will be live piano music to help us celebrate Jesus’ Birthday. Let me say that again just in case you missed it, there will be live piano music helping us enjoy singing your favorite Christmas carols. A special thank you for all the volunteers who have come together to help make this service a memorable one. Then in two days (Sunday December 26th) we get to worship together again. Make sure to add it to your calendars and spread the word, we are worshipping together again. We will be continuing the celebration of the baby king who would change everything. The three wise men traveled great distances just to pay their respects and then leave. What an amazing feat. It will be an exciting Sunday to worship with us and continue your Christmas celebration. Hope to see everyone there! God bless you all, and to all a Merry Christmas… Eve

Blessings, Pastor Jason 
Interim Pastor, Jason Mehring JKMehring@hotmail.comCell: 239.220.2133

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